After reading a piece by Nick Cohen in Sunday’s Observer (27.09.2015),today I joined the Women’s Equality Party…

…the first time I have joined a political party since 1963. I see the £4.00 monthly subscription as a small, but essential contribution to the maintenance of a progressive and completely inclusive society.

Prompted by a ludicrous piece I read in a left wing paper which looked forward to the “enthronement” of Jeremy Corbyn as a Platonic king – probably the writer was confused between the princely Machiavelli and the regal Plato – on the 15 September I declared, on Twitter, that I had ceased to be a socialist. The resounding response of one person was enough to satisfy my grand public statement!

Yesterday John McDonnell, The Labour Party’s Shadow Chancellor, – grey, traditional, pious charmer – laid out his ongoing commitment to ideological socialism and with that I am vindicated in my decision to have resigned socialism. I subscribe to the view that genuinely intelligent people do not think ideologically. And ideology will in time impinge upon someone’s freedom irrespective of their goodness. I believe in Socialist ideology was, yesterday at the Labour Party Conference, a virile statement by McDonnell.

The complete emancipation of women takes us to total democracy, not socialism or any other ideology. For instance it will marginalise the tyranny of religion being dominated by men and in turn will destroy the least attractive aspects of religion such as the violent and vicious imposition of dogma, spuriously and deceitfully ascribed to a godhead who is inevitably, almost universally, male.

The modus operandi of religious zealots is repeated throughout our global community, in business, government, politics, academia.

Nick Cohen initially articulated my views but, over the years, many  women have impacted directly or indirectly on my decision to sign up to the Women’s Equality party. Among them Ali Smith, Angie Hobbs, Chrissie Hynde, Julie Burchill, Maryam Namazie, Jeanette Winterson, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Elif Safak, Annie Lennox, and of course Sandy Toskvig plus several journalists from across the political spectrum. The one who stands out as a personal point of navigation remains Jill Tweedie who instructed me wittily and intelligently through her column at The Guardian during the 1970s. It’s been a long and slow journey to this final enlightenment and I apologise for my tardy arrival. The journey being longer and ultimately more revealing and arduous than St Paul’s damascene escapade.

Here is Nick Cohen’s final two paragraphs from the Observer which all men MUST read:-

“And in any case those bright high-earning graduates will soon see their male contemporaries overtake them. At the current rate it will take 70 years before the gender gap closes.

One of the party organisers said I should ask every woman I met if they thought their careers had suffered because they were women. Male readers should try the same. If they hear the answers I did, they will understand why the notion of a Women’s Equality party is not trite as it appears”.

Trite it most certainly isn’t and young modern men will benefit greatly from the complete emancipation of societies – worldwide. And I want to be a small part of that at a rather late time in life.

Join the Women’s Equality Party