“The death of freedom, the triumph of violence, and the enslavement of the mind”

………… will occur if we do not whole-heartedly embrace the hard won traditions of freedom, democracy and the enlightenment.


Albert Camus worked as a journalist during the Nazi occupation of Paris. His words are inspirational at this time. In writing a tribute to the murdered American journalist, James Foley, in August 2014 I took a long quote from Camus’ book The Rebel and here is a link to that earlier post.

Turner Prize 2014

First posted 2014/10/05

The ultimate comment on the ultimate vanity in art

“Boring! Not even depressing”.  On a message board adjacent to the Turner Prize exhibition room at Tate Britain I found this quite brilliant, succinct statement on this year’s 30th anniversary show, probably left by somebody, in a hurry, yet in total control of the Twitter style communication process.

Congratulations to the author.